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Multinational exercise: Saber Guardian 14

project from 2014

U.S. Army Europe (EUCOM) and the Bulgarian Land Forces Soldiers kicked off Saber Guardian 2014 on Mar 31, 2014. Saber Guardian 2014 is a multinational training exercise designed to reinforce U.S. Army Europe's commitment to increasing regional flexibility, preserving and enhancing NATO interoperability, and facilitating multinational training.

The Saber Guardian 2014 is scheduled for Mar 31 through Apr 4, involves approximately 700 military and civilian personnel from twelve participating nations including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Turkey and the U.S.; as well as representatives from NATO Allied Land Command.

The Aero – space technology transfer office for crisis management and disaster resilience

project from 2012

The Technology transfer office was established with the financial support from the Operational Programme “Development of the Competitiveness of Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013”, financed by the European Union through the European Fund for Regional Development.

The Technology transfer office is the most appropriate place where business and science must meet their ideas. A place where should be given trust in scientific work and its main role in society, institutions and business. The “Aero – space technology transfer office for crisis management and disaster resilience”, is a part and a co – founder of the Bulgarian Network for Technology Transfer. Our TTO is taking place in different events like conferences, symposiums, forums, work meetings etc. On the other side Technology transfer office is an initiator of events with essential contribution for the development of innovations and innovative perspectives in republic of Bulgaria.

7th Framework project - SEREN 2

project from 2013

SEREN2 project was funded by FP7 to build organizational network of national contact persons for "Security" priority of the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU.

The objective of SEREN2 project was to coordinate the connection between the national contact persons of the resaerch programme on "Security" priority of the 7th Framework programme. The project aims were coordination and quality optimization of the common network by building skills in the members so they can deliver better and high level of services for the community. The researches in the area of Security has its own specifics compared to other thematical areas of other pririty pillars of the Programme. There is a strong need of support to the european research community in the area of security for 7th Framework participation.