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Integrated approach to Cyber security

11 July 2018

Integrated approach to Cyber security

The conference was held at the Central Military Club in Sofia with organizers STO and Executive Office of CSO. One of the main goals of the STO is to monitor new technologies and bring together experts to present and discuss the needs and ideas of these new application technologies in their areas. This seminar will bring together experts, including representatives from various organizations, such as strategic and operational military leaders, human factors of cyber security experts, industry developing cyber security tools, academia, non-governmental organizations, and others.

The aim of the conference was to promote cyber security thinking, including human factors (HF) in the field of defense; to explore and address a range of topics / issues related to cyber security; to summarize the conclusions and recommendations on how human factors can improve cyber defense in national and allied formats.

At the conference as a lecturer, one of the young specialists from the team of ZINSO-BAS - Atanas Radev took part and presented a report on "Consumer ethics and cyber protection habits as a tool for cyber security.