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Common scientific studies with Macedonian academy of sciences

01 November 2017

The National Security and Defense Research Center and the Macedonian Academy of Sciences are developing a joint project on "Developing and Experimenting Concepts and Scenarios in Critical Infrastructure Protection in Bulgaria and Macedonia"

The project has a direct relationship with the implementation of applied research, including development and experiments in the field of population protection and critical infrastructure. A special priority in research will be Concept Development and Experimentation (CDE) which is becoming a very promising scientific method both in NATO and in the European Union.

The main motivation for the partnership is the mutual interest of BAS and MANU in the common research and applied problems in both countries regarding the protection of the population and critical infrastructure objects, and joint application for co-financing from different international sources such as EU, NATO and others.

In the context of the implementation and preparation of a conceptual project for future application, a working meeting was held with the Manou partners in the city of Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.