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Civil-military Interaction in disaster preparedness and response

12 February 2014

Organized by:

“George Marshall” – Bulgaria –

Place: Central Military Club, “Tarjestvena” hall

Objectives of the conference:

In the absence of a law on crisis management problems with the organization of interaction between different institutions in Bulgaria continues to be decided by various secondary legislations. But these documents are difficult to build administrative capacity for future synergies not only between the various institutions and organizations for protection, but also with partners from the EU and NATO. In this respect, "George Marshall - Bulgaria" have the following objectives for the discussion forum : "Civil -military interaction in disasters - preparation and response."

1. To discuss the prospects of development of the system for crisis management in the context of inter-agency cooperation.

2. To formulate practical approaches for the timely introduction of advanced technologies in the prevention and overcoming of consequences of disasters.

3. To share best practices for the use of armed forces in the prevention and mitigation of the consequences of disasters.



  • President of the “George C. Marshall” – Bulgaria
    Welcome to the conference by officials from U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria.
  • Ivo Velikov - Rector of the BG Police Academy on the topic Crisis management and Interagency cooperation.
  • Kamen Iliev director of the Center for national security at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on the topic “Crisis management and Technological aspects of interagency cooperation”.
  • Dr. Jack Clarke – Marshall center “Role of Military in Civil Security”.
  • Barbara Wither - Update of MC programs.

Discussion topics:

-          Cooperation between institutions on national, regional level;

-          For or against Military forces in regional and national crisis management and disaster resilience.

-          Best practices in the use of the military potential for the needs of civil protection and crisis arisings at local, national and regional level.

Presenting the Technology transfer office:

The director of JV”Risk-Space-Transfer”, mr.Kamen Iliev, presented the TTO potentials in the field of crisis management. Therefore the TTO is a connection between science and business. The upcoming development of the WEB based system/portal for information and the System for crisis management monitoring are an innovative solution for crisis management and disaster resilience.